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    Discipleship by J Heinrich Arnold

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    Perhaps the hardest thing about following Christ is translating our good intentions into deeds. Christ calls us, and we yearn to answer him, but time and again we lose resolve. Is discipleship possible amid the stresses of modern life? Can Christ bring about lasting change in our lives? How can we be centred on him, when everything seems to pull us apart? This book offers hard-won insights into the challenges of living for Christ in the nitty-gritty of daily life. Many of the selections offer answers to specific needs or problems. Others grapple with broader themes such as the importance of community. All of them pulsate with conviction and compassion, and all of them readiate hope.

    J. Heinrich Arnold(1913-1982)

    Heini Arnold was a author and pastor of the Bruderhof, a communal movement started in Germany by his father, Eberhard Arnold. For more on Heini Arnold, visit
    In his words:
    What a great gift it would be if we could see a little of the great vision of Jesus - if we could see beyond our small lives! Certainly our view is very limited. But we can at least ask him to call us out of our small worlds and our self-centeredness, and we can at least ask to feel the challenge of the great harvest that must be gathered - the harvest of all nations and all people, including the generations of the future.